Welcome to Diamond Fun Casino

Diamond Fun Casino will introduce your clients and guests to the tense and exhilarating world of casinos.
How many people get the chance to visit a 'Las Vegas' style casino? Diamond Fun Casino will create an exciting and impressive extravaganza at your next event, providing your guests with a truly memorable occasion and securing your reputation as a great host.

Do you want enthusiastic support for your charity or a dramatic way to break the ice amongst your guests? The versatility of a Diamond Fun Casino means that any event whether on a grand scale, or for a small group of friends, can be transformed by this unique and absorbing form of entertainment.

Diamond Fun Casino constantly wins praise for it's high quality image, reliability and style, without compromise! We pride ourselves on our first class presentation and provide a full service event.

Challenge us! From a Park Lane Hotel to the set of Sherlock Holmes, a complicated schedule or a group of novice players, hand it all over to Diamond Fun Casino and we'll show you how to make it all work!

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New House Rules
Diamond Fun Casino has moved to a new address - make sure you update our contact details

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Not Just A Pretty Face
Diamond Fun Casino has had its image overhauled with a vibrant new look. Designed by eoncorp we hope you think this reflects the stunning events we can provide

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